To unite America, we must ensure that every American is empowered to once again pursue the American Dream.  Through equal access to the American Dream we will not only unify our nation, but also rediscover what has made this nation the envy of the world.    To do this, Ronald will legislate and work to establish and/or protect the following: 


FREEDOM of equality

Why I am running for congress

At a canidate forum from August 31st, 2017, Ronald discusses why he is running for congress.

  • Quality affordable healthcare for all.   Ronald supports universal healthcare and will work to obtain this goal in the short term by addressing the deficiencies of the American Care Act and in the long term by supporting efforts to pass “Universal Healthcare for All” legislation. 
  • Environmental sustainability to reduce global warming.   Ronald will propose legislation that prevents the Executive Branch from unilaterally pulling out of the Paris Agreement.
  • Clean water, air and food.   As a former environmental advocate, Ronald will draw on his experience to restore Federal laws and regulations that ensure clean water, breathable air and pure food.
  • Equal rights for all.   Ronald has fought discrimination in the Courts on behalf of clients facing age, race, disability, sex and sexual identity persecution and in Congress he will continue this battle by authoring a New Civil Rights Act.  
  • Treatment for the Opioid Crisis.   Ronald will seek additional resources for the burgeoning opioid crisis and propose legislation that requires big Pharma to contribute to solving this epidemic. 
  • Personal Choice.  Ronald will protect a women's right to choose.


  • Livable wage for every family.   Ronald will make sure that every family has the opportunity to work for a livable wage that rewards the dignity of work.   He will also advocate against any major Fortune 500 company that relies on its employees receiving public benefits in lieu of a livable wage and basic benefits.     
  •  Infrastructure Reinvestment.  Ronald will support infrastructure reinvestment in District 21 and will fight to make sure that we address our deteriorating roads, bridges, water and sewer systems with local, unionized workers supplied by American resources and businesses.
  • Rural Broadband.   Ronald will advocate for the extension of broadband to all through public/private partnerships and will advocate for public options in internet access and an “open” internet.
  • Small Business Incubation.   Ronald will convene an annual “District 21 Small Business Conference” that will convene business, academic and government leaders to define specific policies and collaborative efforts that will encourage business creation.
  • Fair Trade.   Ronald will push to open up Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg markets to District 21 farmers under the newly opened NAFTA talks with the aim of reducing the trade killing tariffs for these products that exceed 200%.  
  • Quality Early Education.  Ronald will support fully funding quality early education for all preschoolers.
  • Local control of Public Schools.   Ronald will preserve local control of public schools, and advocate for Federal resources in critical areas to help produce qualified, engaged citizens for the next century.
  • Student Loan Solutions.   Ronald will draw upon his 15 plus years of experience and expertise in student loan counseling and advocacy to address the crippling student loan debt crisis.   Reforms will ensure that taxpayers receive an adequate return while student loan debtors are not suffocated by high debt levels.


  • Strong, cost-effective military.  Ronald will support a well-funded, but efficient military and will advocate policies that ensure accountability without compromising force readiness.
  • Responsive foreign policy.  Ronald will propose legislation that prohibits the replacement and/or removal of any mid to senior level State Department official until a replacement has been named and confirmed (if necessary) by the Senate.   
  • Healthy Veterans-when we send them abroad, we need to support them at home.  Ronald will support fully funding Veterans and their post-tour needs.   To accomplish this, he will push for the construction of an “Adirondack” VA Health Facility.   
  • Open and secure elections.  It is clear that a hostile foreign power interfered in the 2016 election.  Ronald will propose legislation to appoint a bipartisan blue ribbon panel to investigate what happened and quickly recommend policies and procedures to prevent this from ever happening again.