Working to unite America

I am running for Congress because you deserve a REPRESENTATIVE that meets with you, listens to your priorities and fights for you.  


  • Livable wage for every family.
  • Infrastructure Reinvestment. 
  • Rural Broadband. 
  • Small Business Incubation.  
  • Fair Trade.    
  • Quality Early Education.
  • Local control of Public Schools with Federal Resources.  
  • Student Loan Solutions.  

FREEDOM of equality

  • Quality affordable healthcare for all.  
  • Environmental sustainability to reduce global warming.  
  • Clean water, air and food. 
  • Equal rights for all.   
  • Treatment for the Opiod Crisis.
  • Personal Choice. 



FREEDOM from fear

  • Strong, cost-effective military. 
  • Responsive foreign policy. 
  • Healthy Veterans.
  • Open and secure elections.